Worship at St. Mark’s Church

Worship at St. Mark’s Parish is thoroughly Western. If you have attended a traditional Episcopalian or Anglo-Catholic Mass (or even a Roman Catholic Tridentine Mass), then you will feel at home at St. Mark’s.

The English Rite is established for the use of Western Rite Orthodox parishes, conforming to the Book of Common Prayer (with necessary corrections), and authorized by the Patriarch and Holy Synod of Antioch.The Patriarchate of Antioch was founded by believers from Jerusalem including Sts. Peter and Paul. Peter was head of the Church of Antioch years before he traveled to Rome. The Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch therefore claims the true Apostolic throne of St. Peter and St. Paul prior to the claims of any other city.

Please observe that the Orthodox Church does not practice intercommunion with any denomination. All non-Orthodox visitors to Mass at St. Mark’s are welcome to come to the Altar and receive a blessing from the Priest.

The bread offered from the baskets held by the servers is for all—as a sign of hospitality. Only duly prepared members of the Orthodox Church may receive the Sacrament offered by the Priest and Deacon.

After the 10:00 Sunday Mass, we encourage you to stay for Coffee Hour.