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September 2022

Trinity XIV
Trinity XII
Trinity XII
Trinity XI

August 2022

Trinity X
Trinity IX
Assumption of the BVM

July 2022

Trinity VI
Trinity V

June 2022

Trinity I & Plainchant Service Music

December 2021

4th Sunday in Advent & Plainchant Service Music

October 2021

Christ the King
Trinity XV & Plainchant Service Music

July 2021

Trinity II & Plainchant Service Music

June 2021

Trinity Sunday & Plainchant Service Music

May 2021

Third Sunday of Easter

December 2020

St. John the Apostle & Plainchant Service Music
Fourth Sunday of Advent & Plainchant Service Music
Third Sunday of Advent & Plainchant Service Music
Second Sunday of Advent & Plainchant Service Music

November 2020

Sunday Next Before Advent & Plainchant Service Music
Remembrance Sunday
All Saints & Plainchant Service Music

October 2020

Christ the King & Plainchant Service Music
17th Sunday after Trinity
16 Sunday after Trinity & Plainchant Service Music

September 2020

15th Sunday after Trinity
13th Sunday after Trinity

August 2020

9th Sunday after Trinity
7th Sunday after Trinity

July 2020

5th Sunday after Trinity

June 2020

2nd Sunday after Trinity
1st Sunday after Trinity / 2 Pentecost

May 2020

3rd Sunday of Easter
Holy Cross

April 2020

Holy Pascha, Easter Day & Plainchant Service Music

March 2020

4th Sunday of Lent & Plainchant Service Music
3rd Sunday of Lent & Plainchant Service Music
2nd Sunday of Lent

January 2020

Pledge Letter for 2020

December 2019

2nd Sunday of Advent
1st Sunday of Advent

November 2019

21st Sunday after Trinity
20th Sunday after Trinity & Plainchant Service Music
19th Sunday after Trinity

October 2019

Christ the King
17th Sunday after Trinity
16th Sunday after Trinity
15th Sunday after Trinity

September 2019

Saint Michael and All Angels
13th Sunday after Trinity
11th Sunday after Trinity
10th Sunday after Trinity

July 2019

20190728 Trinity, Fifth Sunday
Trinity, Second Sunday, 20190719

June 2019

062319 Trinity Sunday
061619 Whitsunday, Pentecost
060919 Ascension Sunday
060219 Easter, Fifth Sunday

May 2019

052619 Easter, Fourth Sunday
051919 Easter, Third Sunday
051219 Easter, Second Sunday

April 2019

042819 Easter Day
042119 Palm Sunday